Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TIFF Comes to Town

It’s that special time of year ladies and gentlemen; TIFF is in town! And with it comes a flurry of celebrities and crowds of fans.  If you live in Toronto, or know people who do, you may have noticed your Facebook mini feed become overwhelmed with status updates and mobile photo uploads of your friend’s latest celebrity stalking escapades.

Orangefish’s CEO Janet Lewis got into the action and attended the TIFF opening night party. The drinks were flowing with Skyy vodka as the party’s sponsor. I now have a new drink recipe to test out: the Skyy Berry Baruchel. It’s made with Skyy vodka, lemon juice, elderflower cordial, and blueberry juice. Give it a try and let me know what you guys think!

Here’s a little TIFF gala fashion insider from Janet: Jeannie Becker certainly has her work cut out for her in Canada - there were some pretty outrageous outfits - from skin tight zebra print dresses and matching shoes, to men in brocade jackets. Oh, and people wearing jeans…to a gala. Clearly some people haven’t watched enough episodes of “What Not to Wear”.

And it wasn’t just the fans sporting some major fashion crimes. Celebs (both A, B and C-list) were doing it left and right. Check out Nellie Furtado’s unflattering getup. I’m not quite sure what her stylist was thinking when she came up with this douze. Nellie we know you can do better!

Thankfully stars like Megan Fox (yes, you read that right: Megan Fox) were a breath of fresh fashionista air with stylish ensembles. I’m absolutely loving the nude heel trend, in fact I just recently grabbed myself a pair. And her white dress is simple but classy. I also love Rachelle Lefevre's Bandage dress. It's super flattering. Unfortunately, Finding a best dressed this year was more difficult than usual with typically stylish celebs like Blake Lively donning unflattering and oddly designed outfits.

There’s still plenty of TIFF excitement to come. And thank goodness too! Checking the best and worst dressed lists daily has kept me quite busy. And i’m still crossing my fingers to catch a glimpse of the dashing James Franco.

Have you spotted any celebs around t-dot lately? Share your stories or pictures!

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