Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting Crafty This School Year

September 7th is finally upon us which means school has started. The parade of yellow school buses are back on the road and the magic of the first day of school is in the air. I remember back in my younger elementary school years, I used to get so excited to sharpen that new pencil, pick out the perfect binders, or get all the accessories to decorate my locker (yes, even then I was the queen of accessorizing). As you all probably know, i’m all about letting your own unique style shine. Customizing boring old school supplies is a great way to add a little flair to everday life and keep your kids or tweens busy during the rainy weather (that we’ve been having so much of lately). Who knew a glue gun could be so much fun!

Here are my favorite tips:
  1. Fabulous Magnets: This is a great crafty tip if you have a tween daughter. Try gluing fake flowers and rhinestones to cheap magnets you can buy at the dollar store. They make any old locker super fun and stylish and perfect for a fashionista-in-training.
  2. Fancy Bulletin Boards: Bulletin boards are pretty much the most boring thing ever. If you have any old necklaces lying around the house that you never wear, why not use them to spruce up that ugly yet useful cork board in your kid’s room. First, paint the border a fun colour, then using either full strands or individual beads, and your trusty glue gun, glue the beads around the border.
  3. Creative Textbooks: No kid loves lugging around those 40-pound textbooks. A popular trend is to use fun fabric to create a cover for your textbook. I love this idea, but a great twist to it for a younger boy is to use an old sport’s jersey (clean of course!) for the fabric. Or for the stylish music fan, try using a concert t-shirt.

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Do you have any tips for bringing your kids back to school in style?

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