Friday, October 1, 2010

Just Hooked: Makeup Bags with Flair

I bet you never thought a makeup case could be fashionable. They’re just plain black cases you throw everything into and chuck into your bag when you go on a trip. Right…?

Wrong. You’ve never seen a makeup bag like this before. Do they look a little familiar to you? That’s because they’re designed to look like retro synchronized swimmers caps. We all know retro is totally in right now. It’s the perfect mix of nostalgia and fashion! The best part is they’re designed from 100% waterproof materials so you can spill water and makeup all over them and easily clean it off with a wipe or two. Because dirty cases are definitely not attractive (or hygienic for that matter!)

They’re roomy enough to fit all your essentials, but not too big that you can’t bring it on any company trip or family vacation. This is the Ferrari of makeup cases. Fun, funky, and full of enough flower power to brighten any dull morning, these bags are a must have! I’ve never seen anything like them before, which is the best part! Who doesn’t love having something before the rest of the masses do. Be a trend-setter and bask in all the great attention your unique bag will bring your way.

 Here’s a random gift tip: If you have a teen daughter, this would make a super funky pencil case that would be easy to keep clean and would have all her classmates and friends ooh-ing and ahhing.

What’s your favorite item in your makeup bag? Mine has to be mascara. Never leave the house without it!

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