Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Early Halloween: New products and Costume Ideas!

Haunted attractions, ghost tours, bonfires and trick or treating is just around the corner so get into the spirit for the festival of the dead.  Here are three quick tips to get into the other world!

1.  Get your hands on this custom made Skull Chain necklace so you will be the most stylish and sassy scallywag at the party. Check it out at!

2.   Boo!  Send out some scary but cute Hallowe’en greetings to your fellow matey’s.
3.  Happy Hallowe’en!  Decorate your home with a special message on the chalkboard vase.

Halloween is only a few days away but for all you procrastinators out there who are still looking for some good costume ideas, I’ve got a few up my sleeve. I picked simple costumes that are easy to put together in a few minutes using items you probably already have in your closet. Halloween is a ton of fun, but dragging yourself from costume shop to costume shop to find the perfect get-up and ending up spending $70.00 on a mediocre costume is no fun at all (I speak form personal experience!). Here are a few of my favs (some of which I’ve actually tried before)

Birthday/Christmas Present.
This is so easy its ridiculous. All you need is a large plastic gift bag with either Christmas print or birthday print from the dollar store. I’m not talking about those stiff gift bags you put tissue paper in but the giant ones made from garbage bag material that are used for very large gifts. Just cut off the bottom of the bag and then step into the middle of it. (you may need to adjust the fit using some tape) Use gift string or ribbon to fit the bag around your waist and create a flattering shape. The finishing touch is a giant present bow that you can attach to a headband and wear on your head.

Lady Gaga
This is a hugely popular costume this year. Pick your favorite Gaga outfit (preferably not her controversial meat dress) and get together a crazy collection of leotards, tights, glasses, and a blonde wig.

The Night Sky
Wear a flattering black dress or shirt and pant combo. Then, using metallic gold paper, cut out stars in different shapes. Or use glow in the dark stars for a little extra fun! Tape these stars to your black clothing. Then, using the star garland you can buy around Christmas time that goes on your tree, create a crown for your head. Then, use some gold glitter eyeshadow to add a little extra sparkle. You can also put gold sparkles in your hair or on your body. This is great last minute option! And it’ll cost only a dollar or two.

This works great if you’re in a group. You can all be the different iPod colours. Get a solid colour dress in one of the iPod nano colours. Then, cut out the shape of the iPod screen and wheel. Tape them to the front of your dress. Now this is the fun part! On the back, create your own phrase starting with “i” and tape it to you. For example, “iMove” or “iSing” or “iFlirt” . Pick something that suits your personality or has a bit of humor. If you have children, you can be the larger white or black classic iPod and they can be the colourful iPod nanos.

The Single Ladies
We all love this Beyonce music video! All you need is a black leotard, some skin coloured tights, black heels, and a nice big ring. And maybe some major confidence to pull off the no-pants look.
Another music video related costume is Madonna in the like a virgin video or one of your other favorite videos. Her style is so recognizable everyone will know who you are!

And there you have it! Halloween ideas compliments of Galaxy Girl! Good luck with your costume hunt and feel free to add any ideas you have in the comments section below!
Remember to have a happy and safe night whether you are tricking or treating!

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