Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Hooked: Loveable Stuffed Animals and Pacifiers

We all have fond childhood memories of our favorite stuffed animals. They were scruffy, and their stuffing was coming out, but you still loved them. Even as a child I was a bit of a drama queen. My stuffed bears and bunnies were always the audience for my improvised dance numbers or monologues. Stuffed animals seem to be more than toys. They’re friends that comfort you when the world seems scary. With all the high tech toys around today (which I do love, don’t get me wrong), it’s nice to see that stuffed animals are still around. I think they’ll always fill that need for a soft cuddly hug.

Orangefish is introducing some adorable new products that your children will be sure to love. “Cheery Cheeks” stuffed animals are fun and colourful and will brighten any child’s day. You can’t help but smile when you see them. The fabric is so soft and cuddly, that even adults will want to give the Cheery Cheeks buddies a little hug.
The “Pattern Pizzazz” animals are totally trendy and funky but also 100% huggable. And they all coordinate! So you can collect a few and they’ll each compliment each other and make a decorative statement in any room. Your child will love the fun prints and the soft velour fabric. I can’t help but say “awww” when I look at these. One look at their cute smiling faces and I can’t help but rewind back to my childhood.
The Wuba Nub pacifiers are a product that gets me very excited. They’re brand new, award winning pacifiers that are cute as a button. The size of the pacifier will ensure that you never lose it under the couch or in a corner again. And the adorable animals are sure to be loved and cherished by your baby during their first months of discovering the world around them. 
All the products are certified by the CPSC so you can spend your time playing with your child instead of worrying about their safety. You’ll love their style and your child will love the characters and you’ll both love how soft and cozy they are.

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  1. wow, your blog is so cute <3 i love it. i follow you know, mybe you follow me back? <3 love, ayse

  2. too bad my niece and nephew are too old.

  3. I know... Sometimes I think it's too bad i'm too old! They're just so cute!
    Thanks for reading the blog guys :)


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