Thursday, March 8, 2012

Girl's Weekend on the Slopes

So it’s about time for a ladies weekend. We’ve all been so busy with work and life in general that we haven’t quite kept up with our weekly girl’s nights. So time to make up for it in one crazy, fun packed weekend! First question, besides “what am I wearing on the plane” and “how can I pack my whole shoe wardrobe in this suitcase” is “where should we go?” There’s the typical warm weather holiday, to some all-inclusive resort in a place where the sun doesn’t stop shining, and the daiquiris are strong. We decided that we’d already done that a few times, so why not shake things up this time around! We decided to bring out our inner adrenaline junkies, and embrace all the cold, wintery fun Canada has to offer. So, time to hit the slopes with all my fav girlies!\

So I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been skiing. Here I was thinking I was going to embarrass my friends with my not-so-stylin skiing skills (more like wipeout skills), but then I took a look at my skiing wardrobe. Oh boy. Admittedly, Ski boots aren’t exactly my favorite accessory, but that doesn’t mean the rest of my ensemble has to be equally sad. Unfortunately, It had been a while since I updated my skiing ensemble. I figured that the nice wool peacoat I rocked daily in the city just wasn’t going to cut it on the slope. And my ski jacket…well let’s just say it left a lot to be desired. It was more boring then Sunday tv, and oh-so nineties. Feel free to be embarrassed for me and the fact that I was actually going to wear this.

Time for an update! And here’s the fun part, fashion on the slopes is full of exciting chances to experiment! It’s all about being unique, colourful, and letting your personality shine (literally! The more you stand out, the easier it is for your friends to find you). So I picked up a new ski jacket in a fab colour and I was set! I packed my bag (or bags…), headed with the girls to our fabulous chalet, stocked the fridge with delish snacks and some good ol’ Canadian beer, and went out to scope the slopes for the best runs (okay…and maybe we scoped for some cute guys too). I kept spotting these awesome hats everywhere, on kids, and adult women and men alike! Even though I saw that the brands were the same, there were so many different styles that everyone looked totally different. There was a cat to my left, a zebra on the lift, a bear sipping on a beer at the bar, and a penguin over by ski rentals. The inner fashionista in me recognized that here was a trend that I had somehow totally missed out on!

Well that just wouldn’t do. So I picked out my favorite one (I love the ultra fuzzy and warm Ice Caves hat). And my ensemble was finally complete! I swear, even my skiing improved once I was properly attired. What’s that saying again… “the right tool for the rights job.” Well if you ask me, an effective hat (in my world effective = warm+cute ), is just as important as working skis and boots that fit. So in the end, maybe I didn’t totally tear up the slopes like an Olympian…but I only fell a couple (dozen) times, and at leats I looked stylish doing it! And I had fun! Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, I did find some cute boys (I give credit to my new hat).

I wanted to show these great hats to all my lovely Orangefish fans. So we just had to hook them, and feature them on  Check them out here!


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