Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tea + friends= clarity + lots of laughs!

I hate it when I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  It could be work, family, or god forbid, boy troubles but when I am feeling that way there’s usually only one thing to do—call up one or more of my besties! Nothing is better than huddling up on the couch with my best friends, a couple yummy snacks, and a nice warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Well, the only thing that is better is if it was a yummy martini or an amazing full bodied red wine but we can’t do that every day can we?

Anyone who knows me knows I have the most ridiculous tea collection.  I love David’s Tea and all the fun flavours that are available.  I also love steeping my tea in Audrey, the beautiful flower tea strainer… she also makes having a cup of tea delightful but most importantly I love looking at my crazy collection of mugs. 

I have mugs for every situation and when having friends over it is always important to choose the best one depending on the mood of the visit.  I have that lucky mug I got on vacation, the one from my best friend, or the one from the day I got that big promotion – although that one is really ugly because it has the company name on it so I only use it when I am desperate!

As a child I used to have this totally awesome mug that I got when I went to see Disney on Ice (back when those things were cool). It looked just like my favorite character Chip from the Beauty and the Beast and I remember always begging my mom to put my drinks in that mug. Fast forward a few years and things aren’t too different. Sure, the mug isn’t modeled after a Disney character, but I still definitely play favorites.
My current favorites are the cute mugs from Hope Springs… they have such amazing inspiring quotes on them and are perfect for a good girlfriend sesh.

And of course, whenever the tea comes out, so does all the chatting. For some reason, even if that issue I was having with my boss or latest date seems to be infinitely complicated in my head just telling my friends about it makes me feel so much better. Cue the long conversation where we will begin to overanalyze everything that was said during the meeting or on the last date. This process of dishing date gossip is sometimes more entertaining then the best episode of Sex and the City. 

My girlfriends always get a good laugh at the antics of the men I meet for example when I tell them “He showed me his suit collection! Who does that?” and then that’ll trigger a story about the time one of my friends dated someone who thought “brown rice was white rice with soya sauce” or when “Fun Matt” turned into “Mad Matt”, or do you remember that guy you thought was a gay hair dresser and then he called you at 4am to profess his love… so many fun stories to share!

It’s crazy how one minute I could be feeling totally stressed out about a situation, and in only a few hours of soul searching and silly conversation I feel so much better and am able to put everything into perspective!

It is okay to get friends to help you brighten your day sometimes!  They bring you hope and laughter.  The magical equation… Tea + friends= clarity + lots of laughs!

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  1. Oooo I love David's tea!! I drink it every day. I love your tea strainer...that's so cute! I use the steeper from David's - it is quick and easy!


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