Friday, March 30, 2012

De-Stressing 101

So things have been a little crazy lately and by  “crazy” I mean that kind of awesome crazy! All these amazing things are happening at the same time, and I have been unbelievably busy, but totally loving it.

The great thing about being busy is that I’m never bored. There’s always a new challenge to tackle, and something new to learn. Yeah, that might sound cheesy if it wasn’t true. But as much as I love all the exciting new things going on in my life, there are still those moments when I feel a little overwhelmed. You know, those butterflies in your stomach (and not the cute first date kind) when you start to think about just how you’re going to get everything done. This happened to me the other day, and then instead of getting all the work done, I sat around worrying. Such a total waste of time and energy! So really, it’s all about learning to deal with stress.—
Here are a few of my favorite stress-busting ideas.

1.    Choose a Song
Select a tune that will put you in the right place mentally.Here are some of my favorite “de-stress and pump me up” songs:

Call me Maybe” By Carley Rae Jepsen – seems to be my theme song lately, and she’s Canadian! Beware: this song is catchy beyond belief.
“Feel So Close” – Calvin Harris
“Good Feeling” – Flo Rider  
“Levels” – Avicii
“Starships” – Nicki Minaj
“Wild One”—Flo Rida (feat Sia)
“Shake It Out”—Florence and the Machine
“Dog Days Are Over”—Florence and the Machine
“Young Blood”—Naked and Famous
“Drive By”—Train
“Stronger” – Kanye West
I’ve Got a Feeling” - Black Eyed Peas
So What” – Pink

 and of course... two from the history books –
“I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor

So yeah, the other day if you were to peer into my window you would have seen me dancing around my house singing along to “Call me Maybe” with my oh-so-fabulous chic buds in my ears… you have to look good when rocking out!

And while I’m definitely no Carrie Underwood, at least I have fun! (sorry neighbors…that’s not a cat dying, it’s just me de-stressing)

2.    Go for a Run, Work Out or Hit a Yoga Class
I love the feeling after a great work out. It’s called endorphins people, and boy do they help! And when I”mlifting weights, it feels really great to put all my pent-up frustration into getting that last rep – pushing myself to the limit.

3.    Take a bath or a nice long shower
Nothing like sitting in the tub, listening to some nice slow music (check out “Breathe” by Anna Nalick or “Holocene” by Bon Iver- also one of the most beautiful music videos), and letting the worries of the day wash away.

Sometimes I like to give myself a little extra treat, and throw in a bath bomb or some bath salts (or both!).

4.    Get Ready for a night of Fun
You know how the saying goes “work hard, play hard.” So when I’ve spent the whole, day searching for new products, dealing with customers, and rushing to meetings, I like to call up a few of my favorite girlies and head to our favorite bar for some de-stress martinis. It’s fun to take a little bit of time to get all dressed up in my new LBD, and slip on my lucky hot pink heels (of course putting my “damn heels” in my purse for later. Sore feet are not part of my de-stress routine).

Finish off my look with a little pale pinkgloss from Dalish, and I’m all ready for girl’s night out!

5.    Flirt a Little or Flirt Alot
You know, just because it’s called “girls night out” doesn’t mean you can’t have a little boy fun. So yeah, I’ll admit that nothing de-stresses like some good ol’ fashioned flirting. I always run into some pretty smooth guys with the quick and witty compliments, as well as the usual few duds… there is always a great laugh and good stories from a fun night out with the gals!  Now if only we could find Ryan Gosling at the bar.,.. what a story that would be!

Everyone has their own relaxation rituals that they do, so please share yours with me in the comment section!

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