Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GG's Guide to Having Fun with Makeup!

Makeup can be just as fun to experiment with as clothing and accessories. I love changing up my usual eyeshadow colour, or adding a winged eyeliner tip, or even trying out a red lip. Of course, as we change and age our makeup preferences change as well. But makeup should be fun at any age! So here’s my quick summary of this years makeup trends as well as tips for everyone from teens to fourty +.

This is a pretty broad age category from 13-19. I know when I was 13 I wasn’t wearing much more than cotton candy flavoured lip gloss. But at 19, I definitely already had a fully stocked makeup bag. The key to teen makeup is looking fresh faced. Selena Gomez (or her makeup artist) always seems to nail this youthful look. She does a bit of eyeliner, with a light dusting of neutral eyeshadow (light pink or brown), some mascara, a touch of blush, and a slightly tinted lip gloss. The emphasis tends to not be on the eyeshadow but the eyelashes and the eyeliner. Less is more at this age. Just have fun with it!

Trendy Twenties and Thirties:
It’s all about finding a balance between wanting to have fun with makeup while still keeping it professional while you build a professional career for yourself. There’s a time and a place for leopard print nails, but your conservative office job is definitely not the place to try it out. But outside the office you can experiment with colour and different styles. I know I love rocking a gorgeous purple eyeshadow for night time.

The Smokey Eye is an all time favorite of mine as well. However, I like using brown instead of black or grey. It looks more natural and the great thing is, you can wear a light smokey look for work, and just pack your eyeshadow in your purse and add a little extra before you head out for a night on the town or a hot date. Just add some liquid liner, and some more lip gloss and you’re all set! I know girls, liquid liner is intimidating and if you’ve never used it, you probably have nightmares about it ending up all over the place. But I’m telling you, it’s worth experimenting with. It leaves a nice clean line and you can have a little extra fun with winged tips (my current favorite night look).

Here's a look at a fab day look and night look from Beyonce.

Fabulous Fourties +
It’s all about the moisture! First, drink water, and lots of it. Then make sure to moisturize your lips, face, neck, and body. Caking on foundation is the least flattering thing anyone can do for their skin. If your complexion is even, consider using a tinted moisturizer instead (or for a homemade fix mix a little foundation together with your moisturizer). It will keep your skin from looking powdery while still giving it a finished look.
I know girls love sparkly things. But shimmery makeup is no ones friend after 35. It accentuates any lines or wrinkles you might have. Matte eyeshadows are your new best friend!
This is a great step by step guide to a full face of makeup for women over 40 from
or if you are able to, try out a makeup consultation. It's great to get an expert's help to pick out your perfect shades and teach you application techniques to bring out your unique beauty. Check out Grace Makeup

GG Makeup Trend Report:
Matte lips, matte skin, and khaki nails are totally in this fall and winter. I’ve tried all three of these trends and have a few things to say. First of all, Khaki/neutral nails can look quite chic if you pick the colour that matches your skin tone well. Chanel’s “Particuliere” was sold out for most of the summer and is a great example of this trend. I have to admit though, I still like the fun pop of colour of a red nail (it’s an oldie but a goodie). I am not a fan at all of the Matte skin trend. I think it looks 100% fake. The point of foundation is to try and make people believe that you’re not even wearing any foundation and your skin naturally looks that good (if only!). I like a more dewey fresh faced look for any age group. Matte Lips can be stylish as long as you apply enough lipstick. If you’re wearing a darker lipstick, make sure your lips are well moisturized a few days before so your lipstick won’t look cakey, or creased.

 My number one tip:
Glamour is all in your confidence. Trends are a great starting point but always make sure to wear what you love. It’s all about showing your personality and having fun with your makeup. Makeup shouldn’t be about covering up, but about highlighting the things that make you a unique and beautiful person.

Check out this fabulous makeup bag from It’s totally funky and will make sure to brighten your morning makeup routine. 

Do you have any secret beauty tips to share?

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