Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Hooked: Wearable Art!

Orangefish has just hooked a bunch of new and fabulous designs in our sterling silver necklaces! These unique and whimsical pendant designs add extra charm and shine to any outfit. Whether you pair it with a cute cocktail dress or a blazer and jeans, these necklaces are perfect! I love them for work especially because they’re so sophisticated but still have the healthy dose of fun that I always look for in accessories. The best part is, because it’s sterling silver you can know that your necklace will stay sparkling for years to come. There are so many different designs so you can pick one that you feel truly represents your personality. I love the butterfly and the cherry blossoms because they remind me of the beauty of nature.

They’re coming in just in time for Christmas too! Cute, stylish and definitely for those that have a hobby or are passionate about something. Don’t be shy – show the world what you love! Consider the tree or butterfly for nature lovers, the cupcake or ice cream for your gals that have a sweet tooth, the bike for those crazy city cyclists or the music note for the dj’s that are constantly dropping a beat. There is even a 4 leaf clover for the Irish and the double circle for those that believe what goes around comes around…again and again. The price point is modest and the value is great! Wrap it up with a pretty bow and box, and add a special card and you have a thoughtful beautiful gift. This is most definitely wearable art that connects to the soul.

Check out all the new designs out at

What is your favorite design?


  1. I have to agree. I've always had some sort of whimsical attachment to butterflies. They make me feel carefree and happy whenever I see them.

  2. so nice


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