Friday, November 19, 2010

Orangefish on!

Have you been eyeing a product on Orangefish for the last few months but haven’t been able to buy it yet? Well, here’s your chance! Orangefish is taking part in a unique opportunity with the website If you’re a dedicated online shopper you may have seen websites like Groupon and Cliquesave popping up all around. The idea of these websites is that a superb deal is offered, but only in very limited quantities. So what’s the deal Orangefish is offering? It’s a $50.00 gift card for $25.00. Yes, you read that right, that’s 50% off! The event is just this Friday so don’t miss out! Go to on Friday to check it out!

If you’ve been product page stalking some of our coolest items this could be your chance to grab it at an amazing price! Check out our Fancy Lotus Ring with 30 interchangeable marbles. It goes with every outfit and you get 30 rings for the price of one. It doesn’t get much better than that! It would make the perfect gift, but be careful, you might just end up keeping it for yourself! The Bra bag and Panty Pak are another Orangefish favorite. The bra bag offers a solution that every girl would love! It doesn’t sacrifice any space and protects your delicates at the same time. And it’s super stylish so it’s fashionista-friendly! The floral cosmetic case is one of our newer products that is taking the site by storm. It is a retro-style cosmetic case made from the material used for those stylized floral bathing caps you see in old movies. It’s waterproof and super stylish! The key finder charms are another fabulous combination of style and function. The sparkly charm attaches to the outside of your purse, while another magnet attaches to the inside of the bag. The inside magnet holds your keys in place so you’ll never have to dig in the bottom of your bag again! The FUMI Pursehook is a totally unique item. It’s a bracelet, purse accessory, and purse holder all in one! I’ve seen some dirty floors in my time, and it always hurts me to have to put my brand new fancy purse onto the floor. The FUMI keeps your bag off the floor and attached to the table. Then, when you’re done using it for that purpose, it becomes a totally fab bracelet! Our newest product is Chic Buds, adorable headphones decorated with swarovski crystals! Totally cool! We also have a load of new baby and children’s products that would make great gifts this Holiday season.

Check out on Friday to get your amazing deal!

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