Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Help Us Pick a Charitable Organization!

While I plan out my holiday season I can’t help but feel grateful for everything I’ve been given in my life. Many of us vacation during the holidays, buy gifts, enjoy cozy cocktail parties, and feast on holiday treats. But the holidays are also the season for giving, and for looking to help those who can’t enjoy holidays in the same way we can. Not everyone can afford a fancy Christmas ham, or to stuff the kids stockings full of goodies. Every person deserves to have a carefree holiday where they don’t have to worry about whether they can afford to eat that day. There are a bunch of websites that make it easy for people to give some of their holiday fund to those who need it most. is a great example. It lets you purchase small gifts like chickens, school books, or medicine for specific regions around the world. It’s also a great gift idea for the person in your life who doesn’t need anything but would like to help others.

Orangefish also wants to give this Holiday season. Every year we like to support specific charities like Verity Girls Club, and Autism Ontario. This year we’re looking for new unique charities to give to. That’s why we need your help! Do you know any charitable organizations that could directly benefit from Orangefish’s support? If you do, please let us know and help us make a difference!


  1. Holiday Helpers ( would be a great charity to lend your support to. You can Adopt a low-income family for Christmas and help them have a great holiday season.

  2. thanks for sharing this. it is important to share.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Davelle!


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