Friday, November 26, 2010

Just Hooked: Get Organized and Writing!

Clutter can manage to cramp even the most dedicated fashionista’s style. It’s happened to all of us. Those few extra receipts and wrappings pile up in the bottom of your purse and you have to dig for what seems like an eternity to find your lip gloss or cell phone. Though you haven’t quite approached Hoarder territory, the disorganization makes it difficult to find something when you need it most (like your business card for a possible networking opportunity, or your phone to plug in the number of the cutie from the restaurant).

I have good news for disorganized purses, bags and cars everywhere! Orangfish has just hooked a new product called Grid-It that makes organization easy. The series of elasticized bands that adjust to fit any size object will keep everything in place so you’ll know exactly where to find your pen or wallet in record time. The great thing is you can use it pretty much anywhere you need a little extra order. It can be used as a sun visor organizer, a 3 ring binder accessory, and in your purse or laptop bag. This little gadget is so versatile! This is a lifesaver for self-admitted pack-rats or purse over-stuffers. But it’s also great for even the neatest people since it keeps everything conveniently at your fingertips. This is a practical gift for anyone on your holiday list this year. It’s the gift of organization!

Where do you need organization most in your life right now?

Have you ever had a special notebook where you jotted down your plans, favorite recipes, goals, sketches or just random thoughts you had? Getting your thoughts out on paper is a great way to organize all the ideas whizzing around in your brain. You’ll feel relieved after, and its always fun looking at old notebooks years later.

Of course, the notebooks you write in can’t just be plain and boring. They have to be as special and unique as the thoughts you write in them. Orangefish has just hooked my new favorite journals. They have sayings on the font in big colourful letters like “I’m going to change the world and this is my plan”, “I’m going to be a rockstar and this is my plan”, “I’m going to be the boss and this is my plan”, “I’m going to be a Nobel Prize winner and this is my plan”, and “I’m going to be ridiculously rich and this is my plan”. The notebooks are a whimsical concoction of sentimentality mixed with a hint of cleverness and humour. You’ll definitely find me carrying around one of these this holiday season. It’s a great gift idea and comes at the perfect time for New Years resolutions. What’s a better motivator to achieve your goals than an adorable notebook? Wrap up the “Change the World” notebook with a special eco-friendly gift. Or combine the “Rockstar” notebook with a new ipod for the perfect gift for your favorite music lover.

Orangefish has also hooked another set of notebooks. The brightly coloured journals are labeled with titles like “Chefs I met and liked”, “Shopaholics I met and liked”, or “Lovers I had and liked”. Jot down all your favorite memories so you’ll never forget them. Then years later, share them with your friends or family. For a thoughtful gift for the friend who loves to cook, wrap the “Chefs I met and liked” journal together with a new cookbook, or tickets to a special cooking convention or classes.

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