Friday, November 12, 2010

Rock Out In Style

If you’ve read enough of my blogs you may have realized that I believe anything can be an accessory. This is especially true of electronics. Any analysis of our current society will say that we live in a wired world, and really who can deny it? So why not embrace it! One of the biggest woes of modern culture is standardization. Sure, all the iPod headphones look the same, but now yours doesn’t have too! Add a personal touch to your iPod with Chic Buds. These stylish headphones are decorated with swarovski crystals. The extra bit of sparkle makes a big difference! It’s an attention grabber, and you can’t help but feel like a princess when you’re donning swarovskis. 

Got a guy in your life.  Add a personal touch to his iPod or smart phone with Rock Buds. These stylish headphones are decorated with with cool designs that will add to your personal style. 

The retractor ensures that your ear buds will never get tangled again. And thank goodness too! I don’t know how many times I’ve had to untangle and unknot my mess of headphones. I’m so excited to sport chic buds this winter! I may just have to buy some for all my friends though, because once you see them you can’t help but love them! These headphones would make the perfect gift for anyone from a teenager to someone in their fourties. Everyone could use a little extra sparkle in their life!

You can find these new goodies at

What’s your favorite song right now on your iPod?

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